Rice Purity Test for Girls

In western countries, there are different criteria for giving Admission to their university and colleges. Rice purity test is initially introduced as criteria to check the purity of their students. It is a way to get basic info on how your newcomers spend their life and get used to things. 

Purity test was first introduced by Rice university, that’s why its name is rice purity test. It could be used both for boys and rice purity tests for girls.

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Rice purity test to check your relationship status

By the passage of time, the rice purity test became the parameter for making relationships. Actually, the virginity losing cases increased in western countries like America, Australia, etc. The relationship that students made there from first to last day is judged through such tests. 

As check-in virginity of boys and girls medically is illegal, so this test could result in a check on your mind level. And according to a survey, most searches are tagged as rice purity tests for girls. Because, girls lose their virginity too quickly in that state, especially New York.

After this test, you may be able to judge whether your partner is pure or not. Since this test was introduced and till now the results in that state are no more than 50 to 60%. Actually here I’m going to describe the test system, 

How it works? 

There is a 100 score test with questions of your daily life matters. You have to answer all questions by clicking yes or no. The more score you gain the purer you are. Scoring criteria would also be described in the results of that rice purity test.

Bad aspects of Rice purity test

So, it would be easier to check your female partner mentality and virginity through this test. In fact, the number of suicide cases is increasing rapidly due to breakups after tests. They don’t believe in their personalities but in the results of this test. 

And girls have mostly started getting drugs after checking results through a rice purity test for girls. Which is the worst aspect of this test? 

We all have our special past which we try to forget or hide to move on. But remembering that past through mentality and doing break up is not right. The inner soul of humanity got damaged and such circumstances lead toward a drug life or suicide.

Basically, this test is not truly based on what you think. Imagine that moment, you are making your answers and you already know that this test is going to check me. 

Then why would you mark all as true? Just think about this question and then lift up any step to your real life. This test was for a general survey of students not for checking relationship status or virginity by rice purity tests for girls. So, first, try to read out some articles before getting too panicked to decide anything.

Now, if you wanna know as for fun then it’s fine. It could reduce your boredom in your spare time to check what it tells you about you. It’s the same as the Facebook IBM game which guesses about your personality through different things. So, make it a part of the fun, not a criterion to live a life. 

You are free to choose anything, you are born as a free human, not as a slave of someone’s order. It’s your choice either you wanna live with him or her or not. So, don’t make such foolish acts to make it part of your judgment.

Now, it is too common that different software is designed to take such surveys. Not only this, our educational assignments sometimes require some survey reports which could only be done through making a test like a rice purity test. 

You can also take your rice purity test online for faster and accurate results. There is an official website of Rice university to take your rice purity test for girls online. 

Don’t try to check it out through external sites, they might misguide you through fake and false questions. Rice University has made those questions which are too close to our daily life.


No doubt, Rice purity test for girls have shown amazing effects on educational departments. Many universities are using this test before Admission to check the mentality level of students that either they will follow rules or not. 

So using it for educational purposes is fine or for fun. But using it for spoiling someone’s life or relationship with such guesses is not right. Maybe someone tries to suicide after a breakup or facing failure in love life. 

Also keep in mind that, If you are checking your rice purity test just for fun, they try to better themselves on that point where it shows you down. Don’t take it negatively to smash out emotions and become a drug addict or etc.